Sound & Silence Festival

Sound & Silence Festival


08.08.2019 - 15.08.2019    
14:00 - 19:00


Awakeland, Portugal
Terra Velha, CCI 674, Meixilhoeira Grande, 8500-140

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Welcome to the Sound & Silence Experience!

We invite you to join us on an odyssey deep into the heart space, beyond the senses, into the precious nature of paradise and among your awaiting conscious community. This is no ordinary gathering. In fact, at one point, we even called it a festival, because indeed we are celebrating this sweet life. However, we soon realized that this was more than a festival – it has become a living retreat, a gathering of heart-centered beings from all walks of life who come together to radiate love and share moments of sheer joy and captivating experiences.

These gatherings are also a return to the essence and purity of live music, dance and the meditative arts. We are a conscious & clean gathering with no drugs or alcohol. AND WE BELIEVE TO TRAVEL AS ONE UNITED FAMILY – so there is only ONE stage and ONE program… not an overwhelm of choices; instead we journey together with intimacy, mastery, love & community ♥

We invite you to envision this collective as a three part active meditation in which we will journey consciously from ‘activity’ to ‘non-activity’ from ‘doing’ to ‘non-doing’ from ‘body’ to ‘spirit’ from ‘earth’ to ‘space’! Our week together reveals a wide diversity of offerings, each day presenting sessions related to the theme of Move~Listen~Be, respectively. MOVE focuses more on movement based practices, LISTEN will offer more music & sound healing, and the BE will share more meditation & non-verbal workshops.