Kriya Tantra Yoga Satsang – CANCELLED

Kriya Tantra Yoga Satsang - CANCELLED


17:00 - 19:00


Programmhaus, Frankfurt
Brückenstr. 53, Frankfurt , 60594

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Kriya Tantra Yoga Satsang


Please bring:

  • Sports/yoga clothes
  • Price: 20 €
  • Location: Programmhaus Frankfurt (Brückenstr. 53, 60594 FFM) / Please ring the bell, at the door, LEFT of the windows.
  • How to get there: Metro station: Lokal- or Südbahnhof. There are parking spots, at Rewe-parking garage, a 100m from the Yoga-Center.


We can expect 1,5-2 hours full of energy, joint practice and emotional closeness.

Ipsalu Kriya Tantra Yoga offers a unique method to tune into your own happiness and empowers you on the heart level. The system combines powerful techniques from various Tantric traditions such as Yoga, Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism and the tradition of Osho to specifically promote healing, vitality, joy, peace, pleasure, deeper intimacy, awareness and loving connection with yourself and others. If you engage with it, it works anytime and anywhere, come along and feel it for yourself!

In the first part of the gathering we talk briefly about Tantra, sacred sexuality and the spiritual power inherent in our life energy. In this part we will also learn a special technique to awaken this energy without sexual activity (!) and to use it for our spiritual growth or physical health.

During the second part we get into practice. I guide you through a set of techniques, dance and short meditations with the aim to catapult you step by step deeper and deeper into your own personal heart space. At the end we will play with this feeling together, and feel the power of the group energy.

CoVid: We will comply to all regulations at the time of the gathering, and I will let everyone know changes closer to the date. Generally all events are available only open for 3G+.

To ensure all of our safety I am additionally asking every vaccinated or recovered participant attending to do a rapid Antigen Test less than 24h before the event.

And obviously please be mindful to yourself and others: If you feel not 100% well, it is perfectly fine not to come.