IPSALU Tantra Kriya Yoga: Level 1 Cobra Breath Intensive Seminar

IPSALU Tantra Kriya Yoga: Level 1 Cobra Breath Intensive Seminar


14.11.2024 - 17.11.2024    
18:00 - 12:00


466,00 € - 499,00 €


Seminarhotel Seidenbuch
Buchenstrasse 17, Lindenfels, 64678

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Join me for an intense four-day immersion into the essence of Tantra Kriya Yoga.

Using tantric and yogic techniques, this seminar, designed for singles or couples, aims to prepare the mind and body for the conscious movement of Kundalini (which represents pure life force energy). Through this sacred journey of self-discovery, authentic relating, and spiritual growth, we will build towards initiation into the first level of Cosmic Cobra Breath. This precious gift to humankind from Babaji Nagaraj transmutes sexual life force energy to open your mystical vision, allowing you to see the truth behind the illusions of the world and become the Witness to your life-drama, rather than its victim. Together with the IPSALU Formula, a highly efficient and effective method for reaching a state of Bliss, the downward flow of life force energy can be reversed, transforming base desires into spiritual gold.

In this transformative seminar, you will…
  • Forge a deeper connection between your heart and mind, fostering spirituality and self-awareness.
  • Experience relief from stress and anxiety by embracing playfulness and presence to calm the overthinking mind.
  • Actualize your heart’s desires and heal emotional wounds, by dissolving energetic barriers and create new patterns.
  • Nurture stronger connections and acceptance of both shadow and light aspects within yourself and others.
  • Utilize sexual life force energy to revitalize your body, spark creativity, and invigorate vitality.
  • Safely prepare yourself for Kundalini awakening through the transformative practice of Cobra Breath.
  • Enhance relationships with love and authenticity by seamlessly integrating Cobra Breath and the IPSALU formula into your daily life.
  • Developing awareness of healthy masculine and feminine energies for deeper intimacy and connection.
Welcome to a Safe Space for Transformation…
  • Discover IPSALU, a spiritual path free from dogma, accessible to all.
  • Open to singles and couples seeking to elevate their consciousness.
  • Both experienced and beginners are all welcome.
  • We are providing a safe space where you can be yourself
  • Note that there are no sexual activities in the course.
  • We all commit, that this  is a substance free event.
  • The seminar is not suited for people with strong heart disease, epilepsy, schizophrenia, or during pregnancy. Also, If you are on any medication, before booking, please  tell me a bit more about your journey.
  • Conducted in English with German translation, if needed.
  • Because we work with polarities, we will try to balance the genders

Join the welcoming IPSALU family, where every day brings an opportunity to practice together in an online group setting. Embrace simplicity and authenticity as you journey towards greater self-awareness and fulfillment.

Are you feeling the call to join? Act now. Don’t let life distract you again from your course. Make your commitment today.


Meet your facilitator…

I am Chris Shanto, a seeker, and wanderer between the worlds, devoted to guiding transformative experiences through IPSALU Tantra.

With over 18 years of experience as a business leader and management consultant, I deeply understand the significance of authenticity and emotional accessibility in both personal and professional spheres. As a Somatic Consciousness Coach and Heilpraktiker (psy), I have accompanied individuals on their paths to authenticity, inner strength, healing, and fulfilling relationships for over a decade now.

In my workshops, I create multifaceted spaces for deep self-discovery and authentic connection, drawing from my diverse background in mystery schools, meditation, martial arts, therapy, and coaching approaches.

Since 2018, I have found my spiritual home in IPSALU Tantra Kriya Yoga and regularly lead satsangs and annual courses to share the beauty and simplicity of this spiritual practice with others.

My life mission is to pursue what truly matters to me, continuously develop my unique gifts, feel more intensely, and love more deeply. I live a life in service to others, nurturing meaningful relationships, inspiring those around me, and cherishing time as my most precious resource.

Join me on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening through the transformative practices of IPSALU Tantra.


Offering & Organisation…

The investment in your transformation consists of two parts: Tuition and Lodging (both are listed “per person”). You need to meet both to participate.

Tuition, including administration and organization fees, study materials (text and audio), and follow-up support. Message me for a payment plan.

  • Early Bird   single €444 / couple €422  (until May 31st)
  • Regular      single €499 / couple €466 (until Sept. 30th)
  • Late Bird    single €555 / couple €499

Lodging: Please book your full-board accomodation directly with the hotel. This is a questionnaire. Pls. send the completed file/relevant information, directly to the Hotel (mail@seminarhotel-seidenbuch.de). It includes full-board accommodation and delicious, regional, vegetarian (vegan option available) meals.

  • Prices start at €82 per night. (Quick tipp: room options are limited – first come, first serve).

Times: Beginning Thursday at 6 pm (check-in starts at 4pm) / Ending on Sunday around noon with lunch. Fr. & Sat. we start at 8am and end approx. 10 pm.

Transport: Please let me know if you need a transport from Bensheim Train station to the venue (€10 one-way)

Are You Ready? Reserve your place now and take a step towards a life of love, bliss, and abundance.



I am so happy to have found the perfect place for our journey.

Just one hour south of Frankfurt, Seminarhotel Seidenbuch, is a haven nestled in the heart of the enchanting Odenwald region. This venue is more than just a hotel; it’s a sanctuary dedicated to healing modalities and transformative events, with a beautiful seminar room, comfortable rooms, a sauna, and great food. Surrounded by the lush greenery of the Odenwald forest, Seminarhotel Seidenbuch offers a tranquil and rejuvenating environment for our journey of self-discovery and growth.

They are taking pride in offering seaonal vegetarian cuisine, prepared with love and care using locally sourced ingredients.

If you have the time, Immerse yourself in the magic of the Odenwald, my home, and explore the winding trails, majestic forests, and picturesque landscapes that surround the hotel.

What is IPSALU Tantra?

IPSALU Tantra isn’t just a practice. It is a multifaceted practice of spiritual advancement as derived from an ancient lineage of yogic masters brought to earth by Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj. It encompasses a comprehensive system for spiritual evolution, integrating various techniques from tantric and yogic traditions such as Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Osho’s teachings. It emphasizes the cultivation of physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual energies to awaken one’s authentic nature and engage more skillfully in contemporary life. At its core, IPSALU Kriya Tantra offers a unique pathway to activate cosmic consciousness, known as Kundalini, by going beyond mere desires (the meaning of the word IPSALU) and tapping into the inherent bliss of the soul. By identifying with one’s divine nature, practitioners can release ego-driven desires and discover their true essence.

IPSALU Kriya Tantra fosters healing, vitality, joy, peace, intimacy, consciousness, and loving connections with oneself and others. By integrating the principles, as well as the IPSALU Formula into your daily life, it offers a transformative journey towards deeper self-awareness, spiritual growth, and profound connections with the universe.

The IPSALU Formula

The IPSALU Formula is a unique method within IPSALU Tantra, designed to attune you to Bliss in any circumstance. It has the power to swiftly connect groups of strangers or couples in a loving, blissful state. Through regular practice, individuals can reach Bliss within moments, though initially, it may take time to feel its effects.

This formula, outlined in “The IPSALU Formula: A Method for TantraBliss,” draws from various spiritual traditions, offering simple yet potent techniques that open the body and mind to their highest potential. The core sequence of the IPSALU Formula, summarized by the acronym ASATE, Activates energies in the body, Stills the mind, Arouses sexual energy, Transmutes passion, and ultimately leads to Experiencing TantraBliss. IPSALU Tantra guides practitioners in utilizing this force for spiritual advancement, utilizing methods such as breathing practices, body locks (bandhas), or movement to awaken sexual energy without engaging in sexual activity. With consistent practice of the formula can expand your awareness into profoundly blissful states.

Embracing the IPSALU Tantra journey does not necessitate a partner; in fact, much of the work unfolds on an individual level. For many, IPSALU becomes a daily ritual, gradually integrated into life’s tapestry. Addressing concerns about time constraints, it’s common for practitioners to start with a few sessions per week, gradually increasing frequency as the benefits become apparent.

In essence, the IPSALU Formula, especially if practiced together with the Cosmic Cobra Breath, creates a guiding light towards profound bliss and spiritual awakening.

The Cosmic Cobra Breath: A Path to Spiritual Awakening

The Cosmic Cobra Breath represents the apex of the ancient science of Kriya Yoga, bestowed upon humanity by Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj, a revered figure in various spiritual traditions. This sacred technique has been veiled in secrecy for centuries due to its immense power, serving as a potent instrument for preparing the mind and body for the safe ascent of kundalini energy.

Rooted deeply in the IPSALU Tantra Kriya Yoga tradition, and its formula, it emerges as a transformative psycho-spiritual practice with profound physiological and energetic effects. It is revered for its ability to harmonize and utilize both masculine and feminine energies, symbolized by the equilibrium between the brain’s hemispheres.

Physiologically, Cosmic Cobra Breath facilitates the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, electrifying it and stimulating the brain’s third ventricle, home to vital glands like the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus. Activation of these glands leads to the Tantric Marriage, synchronizing both brain hemispheres and awakening dormant neurons, ultimately opening the Crown chakra and expanding awareness.

Energetically, Cosmic Cobra Breath harnesses the potent force of Kundalini energy to elevate one’s vibrational frequency, dispel shadows, and accelerate personal growth. Its practice empowers individuals to navigate life with clarity and purpose, enhancing psychic sensitivity and facilitating spiritual evolution.

Transmitted only orally and structured in various levels, it provides a systematic approach to spiritual development, with each level designed to open specific fields of consciousness and facilitate distinct aspects of growth. From unveiling the Third Eye to harmonizing masculine and feminine energies, each level offers practitioners a transformative journey towards self-discovery and enlightenment.

The significance of oral initiation cannot be overstated. Cosmic Cobra Breath transcends mere written instructions; it’s a sacred oral tradition spanning generations. This method ensures its integrity and potency, fostering a direct transmission of wisdom from adept practitioners to sincere seekers. It bridges tradition and modernity, highlighting the profound relevance of this ancient practice in today’s world.

Welcome to IPSALU Tantra Kriya Yoga Level 1 Intensive.






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Standard Ticket - couple (per person)
Pls. also secure your lodging, by sending this sheet (https://t.ly/aU8Ei) or its infos directly to the hotel: mail@seminarhotel-seidenbuch.de. More infos in text. Full-board accomodation starts at 82 € pp/pn.
466,00 €
Standard Ticket - single /Male
Pls. also secure your lodging, by sending this sheet (https://t.ly/aU8Ei) or its infos directly to the hotel: mail@seminarhotel-seidenbuch.de. More infos in text. Full-board accomodation starts at 82 € pp/pn.
499,00 €
Standard Ticket - single /Female
Pls. also secure your lodging, by sending this sheet (https://t.ly/aU8Ei) or its infos directly to the hotel: mail@seminarhotel-seidenbuch.de. More infos in text. Full-board accomodation starts at 82 € pp/pn.
499,00 €



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