Farewell Ipsalu Yoga Satsang

Farewell Ipsalu Yoga Satsang


15:00 - 17:00


Estalagem Hotel, Ponta do Sol, Portugal
Estalagem da Ponta do Sol, Ponta do Sol, Portugal, Ponta do Sol, Madeira, 9360-212

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Hello lovelies, 

I create this satsang as a farewell event from myself. We can expect 2 hours full of energy, practice and emotional closeness.In the first part of our gathering we will talk briefly about the importance of a conscious lifestyle and holistic personal development in general.

In the second part we will get into practice. I will guide you through a set of techniques, games, bodywork, dances and short mediations, with the aim to catapult you deeper and deeper into your own personal heart space.

Looking forward to bliss with you on Friday!!!

Ipsalu Kriya Tantra Yoga offers a unique method to tune into your own happiness at the heart level. The system combines powerful techniques from various traditions such as Tantra, Yoga, Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism and the tradition of Osho to specifically promote healing, health, vitality, joy, peace, pleasure, deeper intimacy, awareness and loving connection with yourself and others. If you dive into it, it works anytime and anywhere, come by and feel it for yourself!


Please bring: comfortable layered sports/yoga clothes, AND A BLANKET/ SOMETHING YOU CAN SIT UPON COMFORTABLY. No Yoga mat needed.
Costs: 10 €
Location: Ponta de Sol – Estalagem Hotel


– Please come only if you feel healthy and have not been in risky areas or had contact with sick people during the last 14 days.
– There will be a hand sanitizer at the counter, please use it before entering the space.
– Feel free to bring your own drinks.