Cobra Breath Initiation level 1

Cobra Breath Initiation level 1


01.06.2023 - 04.06.2023    
15:00 - 16:00


Landhaus Gottsdorf, Berlin-Brandenburg
Am Sprint 16, Gottsdorf, 14947

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“Learning to live in Bliss”

Do you want to bring more aliveness and love into your life? How do you connect to your sexual energy?
Does your sexual drive sometimes overwhelm or confuse you? Do you wish to learn tools to transform your sexual energy consciously into a creative life force?

This 3 days course prepares you and takes you through an initiation into the first level of Cosmic Cobra Breath. It is the capstone of the science of Kriya Yoga, a precious gift to humankind from Mahavatar Babaji. This ancient Breath technique was long held secret because of its great power. It prepares the mind and body for the safe, controlled movement of kundalini.

The Cobra Breath Level 1 technique transmutes sexual energy to open your third eye. You can begin to see truth behind illusions of the objective world and become the Witness to your life-drama, rather than its victim.
Cobra Breath is an oral tradition and can never be written.

We share ancient knowledge on tantric philosophy, yogic practices and emotional release techniques. We experience subtle energies to find a sense of inner bliss and experience Oneness. The mood is playful and at the same time deep and profound. Sexual practices are discussed but there is no explicit sexual activity. The course is suitable for singles and couples.

You will learn

  • Connect your sexual energy with spirituality & expand your heart center
  • Transmute sexual energy to rejuvenate the body & stimulate creativity
  • Create and deepen relationships
  • Prepare to awaken kundalini energy safely using Cobra Breath
  • Express both the shadow and light sides of your divine humanness
  • Surrender to remove energetic blocks at a cellular level in your body & heal stored emotions
  • Open yourself to manifest your heart’s longing
  • An easy method which allows you to live as
  • “Love” in your daily life and enriches your Love life
  • Ipsalu is a time honored school of tantra which values integrity and offers insightful practices in a consistent four level path.

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